Selected Group Exhibitions

LA Art Fair - Littletopia x Red Truck Gallery - Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 2019

Metamorphosis - Black Diamond Gallery - Brooklyn, NY, Oct. 2018

Psycho Salon - Red Truck Gallery x Superchief Gallery - New York, NY, Oct. 2018

The Last Smile - Parlor Gallery - Asbury Park, NY, Oct. 2018

April Showers - South Street Gallery - Brooklyn, NY, May 2018

Solo Exhibition - Booze Brothers - Vista, Ca, May 2018

“O Cohen Where Art Thou? - Spoke Art Gallery - New York City, Feb. 2018

The Art of Assemblage – The Arts Mill – Grafton, WI – Oct. 2017

Art Show Tribute To Hayao Miyazaki – Spoke Art Gallery – New York City, Oct. 2017

Use Glue – Nous Tous Gallery – Los Angeles, CA Aug. 2017

M.O. : Layered – New York, NY May 2017

REMIX - Silence Is Accurate Gallery – Brooklyn, NY March 2017

Lover’s Eye – Modern Eden Gallery – San Francisco, CA Feb. 2017

Downtown Brooklyn Legends – Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn, NY Dec. 2016

Wanderlust – Modern Eden Gallery – San Francisco, CA Dec. 2016

Along The Grain – Treason Gallery – Seattle, WA Dec. 2016

A Group Thing – Thomas Young Gallery, Boston, MA Nov. 2016

Cut & Taste – Chinatown Soup, New York, NY July 2016

Wizard Skull Presents “Clown” – Grumpybert, Brooklyn, NY June 2016

New New – Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans, LouisianaJune 2016

CUTPASTE 3 – F+ Gallery, Santa Ana, CA May 2016

Adidas Showcase – Soho Arts Club, New York, NY April 2016

PAPERCUTS – Redux Studios, Alameda, CA, March 2016

In The Ways of Beauty – Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ August 2015

A Group Show – Livestream Public, Brooklyn, NY June 2015

Brooklyn vs. London – Something in The Attic Gallery, London, May 2015

BCC – Dateline Gallery, Denver, CO May 2015

Into The Wild - ArtNowNY/Joseph Gross Gallery, New York, NY April 2015

Cut & Paste - Sugarlift Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Jan. 2015

Brooklyn vs. Sydney – M2 Gallery, Sydney, Australia Jan. 2015

Contagion of Difference – Space Gallery, Pomona, Ca. Jan. 2015

Project Pear – Stephanie Chefas Projects, Portland, Oregon, Dec. 2015

Lorem Ipsum – Schema Projects, Brooklyn, NY Oct. 2014

Ctrl + V – Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas, TX Aug. 2014

Friends of The Fanzine – Harbour Arts Centre – Scotland, UK 2014


Selected Commissions/Clients

The New York Times

T Magazine

Brooklyn Magazine

Gather Journal

Alice McCall

Cake Wines

Audiophile Records

Yellow K Records

The Killing Floor Skateboards

Troegs Beer

A24 Films

Vulture Magazine

Scoop Publishing

Lovesick Skateboards


Selected Magazine Features & Interviews

SF Weekly - “Know Your Street Art” - Artist Feature

Create Magazine - Artist Feature

Forbes Magazine – “Artists To Collect” – Artist Feature

Vice, The Creators Project – “A World Different From Our Own” – Artist Feature

Another Magazine “Our New Favourite Collage Artists” – Artist Feature

Frankie Magazine – Artist Interview

Nailed Magazine – “Break Free Of My Darker Side” – Artist Feature

Buzzfeed – Artist Feature

Huck Magazine – “Things That Inspire Me” Artist Interview

The Hundreds – The Collage Arte of Jay Riggio – Artist Interview

Collage Collective Co – Annual 2015 – Featured Artist

Strangeways Magazine – Featured Artist

Fashion Weekly Magazine – “NYC Handmade” – Artist Feature

NeverLazy Magazine – Artist Interview

Nakid Magazine – “A Collected Passion” – Artist To Watch Feature

Satellite Journal – “The World Is A Carcass” – Artist Feature

Amadeus Magazine – “Cut and Paste: A Conversation With Artist Jay Riggio”

Staf Magazine, Spain – Artist Interview

The Artist Catalogue- Artist Feature

ArtMaze Magazine – Artist Feature